CB Day -2, September 9th: Ride to San Francisco


This was a long day with lots of riding, Rocket said he could use more meet on his butt…no comment 😉
Looks like neither Rocket or I did get much sleep these past days leading up to our trip to San Francisco.
Rocket working overtime on his scooter and making sure he has all the tools and spares to keep our scooters running, and I decided I needed to install a new OS on the laptop Rocci and Lise were so kind lending to us. So I spent hours last night setting up the laptop and transferring files. I should mention though that I managed as well last minute to finish the wiring of the power socket and adding a Cylinder Head Temperature gauge to my glove box tray…all is good and seems to be working for now. Love that CHT gauge. Will give me an indication I hope when my cylinder gets critically hot…my hope is I can prevent a or multiple seizes by keeping an eye on the gauge.

A pain in the butt was finding space for mounting my GPS…little things can be a pain in the butt. Hey I don’t want any nasty comments for that last line, OK?

Anyway…my scooter was ready this morning when Rocket arrived…however the first thing he mentioned was that during his ride from Mission to Surrey he noticed the rear tire behaving strange and when he arrived at our house the tire was extremely flat. A few minutes later the tire was completely flat. Looks like there wasn’t a lot of air in the tubeless tire when Rocket started and as air started leaking out the faster it deflated because the space between tire and rim started getting bigger on the deflating tire. So tire had to go off and we were able to fill the tire again and Rocket confirmed that with the full tire pressure the tire was OK.

So with some delay off we went to the border. Traffic was quiet heavy already and we stood at the border lineup for at least 30 minutes. The good news is that it was one of the rare occasions they didn’t ask me to come inside and lecture me of some stupid mistake I made more than 20 years ago…but that is another story.

The ride went relatively well with minor issues…with a jerry can between my legs and a water bottle I didn’t notice I had the choke pulled until the bike stalled on the highway…that was pretty stupid and I had to wait a bit because it wouldn’t start again right away. And then we had some miscommunication in the darkness. I tried to signal Rocket that I am on reserve and he thought I said we can keep going…so we basically missed a gas stop and I ran out of gas…at night on a 12V AC converted scooter no lights with trucks zooming by and probably noticing me late at the side of the road…not a big deal though since we carry extra gas. Got the scooter filled up and met Rocket who didn’t notice right away that I was missing 2 miles up the road.

In the darkness of the highway, our scooters front racks loaded, the headlight doesn’t really cover much of the road…so we eventually decided in Eugene, Oregon, to call it a night and find a motel.

Rocket bought some food and I rewarded myself with a nice tall Pabst Blue Ribbon can that I am drinking while I am typing. Rocket switched the TV on in our motel room, but he didn’t last more than 15 minutes…he is already sleeping and I am pretty tired myself. We still have more than half of the way to San Francisco to ride tomorrow before we arrive at Jules place. 8 pm tomorrow is a Meet and Greet BBQ we don’t want to miss…so we better get going early…hopefully with less mishaps than today. All in all it was a nice ride though so far. Scooters are running pretty good. Calling it a night now…looks like Rocket won’t be up to post his comments tonight…too bad, but I totally understand why. Can’t wait to cross the Golden Gate Bridge on the scooter! 🙂


3 Responses to “CB Day -2, September 9th: Ride to San Francisco”

  1. MarkH Says:

    One down…many more to go 🙂 Glad you guys are off to a good start.

  2. brbo Says:

    Only two P2’s in the running..make sure you take out those Lammies !!

    Good Luck

  3. rocci Says:

    sounds like an interesting … and very event-filled start to the cannonball …

    where are the cameras and the photos in all of this … itty bitty scooter on the side of a highway with big bad speeding semi’s zooming by … scenery … bits and bobs everywhere … flat tires … photos guys!

    btw, there’s software called Windows Live Writer … allows you to write, format, insert pics to your posts offline all you want … then push publish and up it goes … saves you having to scrammble down your thoughts when you only have net access

    good luck … keep the rubber side down guys

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