Hours to go before the Cannonball and Where is ROY?

Delia here….

It is Wed night (pub night) for those not on the cannonball.  The Gull was very loud, hence if I had remembered to take my cell phone with me today (I normally never forget) I might have been able to hear the 12 calls for help I got from Rocket, Roy and their friends OMG sorry Roys!

For some reason, Roys scooter is not working properly only on reserve, so when he runs low on gas, he MUST stop or he runs out of gas.  While Roy was trying to signal to Rocket that he needed to stop for gas (I dont think Rocket yet knew of the problem) Rocket must have thought Roy was signalling for them to press on.  Rocket did not stop, and neither did Roy, so Roy ran out of gas since reserve was not working and he had to stop and then find a gas station.  From what I could understand in my voicemail and text messages, Rocket did not notice Roy had stopped right away and they got seperated.

Roy got gas and decided to try to hurry up and catch up to Rocket, but Rocket decided to double back and look for Roy and of course with Murphy working his angle, they missed each other.  While Rocket was searching and waiting, Roy was pressing on trying to catch up to Rocket assuming he pressed on.

Rockets cell phone does not work in the US, so he could only try to call Roy with his visa card at Gas stations and he was calling me to try to get me to pass on messages as he knew Roy would be calling me too,….and unlike normal, my cell was ringing away on the coffee table at home while I was out with the locals.  Roy and Roy both called Mark H from Seattle who was trying to run interference to help, but that didnt work either. 

We still dont know where Rocket is since Roy made it to the meet and greet and no Rocket….and after that closed for the night, a note was left for Rocket on the door as to where Roy would be…..and at 12:30 am they were still waiting for Rocket and worrying that this other place they went was going to close soon.

I was calling Mark in Seattle to make sure he had Jules phone number and address where the 2 Roys were supposed to spend the night tonight and my Roy is heading there soon but was hoping to find Rocket first. Mark from Seattle didnt pick up his phone because he had my Roy on the other line, but he did know that he had a voicemail because I learned that when I called my Roy back to explain the messages Rocket had left me.

Rockets scooter was fine, Rocket is fine, but he spent a lot of time trying to find Roy, so he obviously was missing the meet and greet.  I still have not heard at 1am if Rocket found Jules place and I hope he had the address, but if he didnt, I am sure Rocket found a place to settle and will be able to contact Roy who is still waiting to hear anything.

I am sure by now that Rocket has either decided to settle down in San Fran or is looking to find Jules place…..but I am also sure he is fine because all of his messages said that his scooter was ok and faster than Roys and he was looking to catch up to Roy.

Roy was heading to Jules place soon because he also doesnt want to keep Jules up waiting for everyone on a work night. 

Lets hope they find each other soon or at least early before the cannonball begins in about 4.5 hours ACK!

More as I learn it…..


4 Responses to “Hours to go before the Cannonball and Where is ROY?”

  1. Eric Lee Says:

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  2. Diana Says:

    Yikes, this is nail biting indeed! Great plot for a Cannonball movie – will Rocket arrive in time? Looking forward to the next installment where Rocket arrives with minutes to spare, looking tres cool and unflustered of course 🙂 Go boys!

  3. rocci Says:

    OMG … what drama and the cannonball hasn’t even officially started yet … hopefully the tides will turn in the Roys’ favour once officially underway … dayum!

  4. Alison Says:

    Hey Roys – hope all is well – let us know what’s happening when you get a chance. I hope to hear that you are both re-united!!! BTW – Tanner is doing well and being spoilt rotten. I’m sure he misses you, Rocket, as he is overly schmoopy with me and especially Mark.

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