What I learned today…..so far

Hi Everyone….Delia here

Roy finally got a chance to send me a text and I am quoting him so you all know what I know….and I hope to hear and post more details later tonight when they settle in a hotel

The text says:

Rocket arrived no sleep this morning – has been another crazy day with more mishaps….not sure what else can happen now.  NO stopping really….got to go.

That was it, so at least we now know Rocket made it and I cant wait to hear what the events of the day were and why Rocket got no sleep.  *hoping the reason is because he was getting lucky* – wait…that was supposed to be my inside thought lol.

And more news.  Thanks to the ROCKING people at Chispa – Vespa Bellingham, (thanks so much James), Roy was fedex’ed a fuel tap to his next hotel.  OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!  I am sure that was not cheap, and we all very much appreciate everything you do for us.  James also put a little gift of hand warmers and an extra scooter hahaha.  I am sure the extra scooter because you never know when you will need one is a joke – nice one made me chuckle.

More as I get it….


3 Responses to “What I learned today…..so far”

  1. Dennis Says:

    What about a fuel tap wrench to install it? Does the sag wagon have a good supply of tools or are you expected to have your own?

  2. James Says:

    Not so much a joke as a gift of love.

  3. bobskoot Says:


    glad you’re all sorted out, can’t wait to hear Rocket’s story, but “what happens on the road, stays on the road” . . .
    hope your scoot hangs in there and good luck to you both. sheesh , so much drama and you have only started. such a comedy of errors, I know that you will be able to laugh about it later


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