Rocket’s last 3 days…

well theses last couple of days have been pretty busy one way or another and we got seperated from each other and our lap top.

on the way down from vancouver roy and i stayed pretty close to each other all the way down, except on the hills when my scoot could pull away from roys , i think it was partially because roy and i are diffent body types

also roy seemed to have brought more stuff on his scooter, at 12 hp weight is crucail, so i could on most hills just manage to hold 4th but roy would be having to change between screaming in 3rd or slowing down in 4th, so usually id just wait for him at the top.

on this one particular hill i was a head of roy and he didnt come around the corner and as we were on a busy freeway driving back was not really a safe option, so i waited but he didnt show for about 10 minutes so i wen t to the next exit doubled back on the other side looking for him, unbeknown to me as i went over the bridge[the only point at which i could not see the freeway, roy had got going and had gone under me. so now i was heading north as fast as i could and roy was heading south!

when i could not see him on the way back i then went around again and drove slowly on the shoulder looking to see if he crashed /had ablow out and went over the edge. then i figured he might have gone on reserve and gone into weed for gas so now i went into weed to and checked all the gas station to see if he had gone to gas up, i didnt find him any where , so i used my credit card to make a call to him , no answer, but i told him on his message service to keep going once he got the message, then i used my card asgain to call him mrs , still no answer, but i basicly told her to tell him to keep going, after that i just kept going, but i was pretty worried as we had 200 miles to and i didnt know where he was so i carried on but driving through most of the gas station to see if i could find him, then at one point i waited at a rest stop for an hour watching the traffic go by cause i figured if he was behind me, he would come by , but all the while he was pressing on a head. so he rolled in to frisco at about 9 pm and i rolled in at about 1.45 am, then i went to fin d out where we were metting in the morning and to see if i could find the hotel so could crash for 3 hrs on someones sofe , but no joy. so i went to a star bucks grabbed some foor read the paper and showed up on the start line and there was roy…lol.

at this point i was on m y 24th hour without sleep and had a full days riding ahead of me…oh well..sleep later, besides i had a secret , which i never the efect is pretty dramatic!

so off we went like a load of loonies, sowly climbing abouve to moning san fran fog into glorious sunshine on the mountains.. after that there to much to say about the morning xcept fantastic country riding in warm sunny weather with amazing views. now in the afternoon at some point one of my bungies must have come loose and i managed to loose both roy and my spare tyers and my $150 helly hansen waterproofs, so im like hey im up to 28hrs with no sleep whats a couple more and i kew that they were in the last 10 miles as roy and i stopped to put gas in his tank and all was well then, well we went back and found the waterproof pretty fast then a while later roy spotted his tyer in the verge hidden pretty good , but still noticable, the last tyer was proving to be a liitle more evasive, roy and i discussing out theroy as to the way we think it unfolder, well thios must have come off here and that came off next, but nope the tyer could not be found even though i though and was convinced i was standing within 20 ft of it. so we we leaving the area and had pretty much given up wheh hello there it was way way later in a place we wernt even looking when i spotted it, i was seriously happy , because im cheap and i didnt fancy trying to track down a tyer on the cb.

so off back to the gas station to fuel up and eat, which all went well, but then roy could not find his keys and we all really looked, in the end they were found in the subwaymain garbage can after they went in the washroom bin with the trash in roys hands and then subsiquently in the main garbage. thanks to john who waited with us and had the idea to look there!

but now i was really starting to push the envelope on lack of sleep and we lost alot of time, and the 150 lambtetta had come by us and that was enough to keep my moving, so we pressed on and were doing really well, in the end we simply did not get an early enough start on the 10,000 ft pass in yosimity park, even though i was game[but a bit of a mess from now 36hrs no sleep..whatever] but it was decided by the majority and a local who laughed when we told him we wanted to do the pass in the dark, whats he know about riding hair dryers anyway, so accomodion was found, phone callers were made food was sought and we bedded down for the night vowing to do the next days cannonball miles and the ones we did not get to today all in one day , catching up in the process, sounds like my kinda plan!

so we set off really early this morning really early heading for the pass , which i think i could have done in the dark easily had i not gone 36 hrs with no sleep, we arrived at that this days hotel at 10.30 ..3.5 hrs behing the other vintage bikes. so we refuled and pressed on, knowing at some point today we would have to cross the navada desert with 180 miles between gas stops!

so off we went making pretty good time, we bought gerry cans and strapped then to any solid bit of the scooter, regardles of how precarios they looked. on this day riding, i now realise how tired i was the night before!

what can i say about to day..go go go go, we ate as we moved drank as we moved and only stopped for the sortest time we could , i was amazing in the desert , i rode flat out for over 15 minutes and didnt turn the sterring one going over two miles without even the slightst loss of the road behind or in fromt of me, the road was so straith that you could not see it anymore, i was just a thin line disapearing in to infinity.

you fely like you could step off your machine and run along next to it!

imagine how patient john was to ride his 500cc honda scooter[he just came along for the ride and is not a participant in the c/b] which can do 100 mph at between 45 and 65mph all day in an area when you feel like your not moving all he has to do is turn the throttle and bye bye desert, but no he pttered along with us, helping me out when my throttle cable broke.

once we got out of the desert we climbed a couple more7 and 8 thousand foot mountains eventully ariving here, cedar city with the other cannonballers, i feel like a borg rejoyning the borg collective!

i imagine i can be pretty anoying sometimes, ” come on come on” , but these guys were awesome to ride with and today we did a cannonball and a third crossing the extra terrestial hiway, the answer may well be out there, but let me tell you, the location is way bigger and more barren and unforgiving than any you can ever imagine, so you aint gunna find it. today in the middle of nowhere, me on my vespa really brought home the act of man and macine working together in a perfect union of complete stupidity and i love it…rocket


2 Responses to “Rocket’s last 3 days…”

  1. Rockets brother Says:

    You guys had a a bit of a shaky start. but you had already done two days before you got there. but you kept a clear head which is just the way to make it to the end. every day we are checking the blog for updates. its sounds amazing just reading it. We have no way of spuring at your low points or helping you when you need it. but justb think about us willing you on. but the blogs are brill! Rockets brother etc etc

  2. Sean Smith Says:

    Wow you guys have had an adventure already! It has become a highpoint in my day to tune in and read the blog! Keep it up guys – you are doing great! You have support out here in cyberworld – can’t wait to hear how the next leg goes!


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