Roy’s last 3 days…

Well, I guess Rocket already summarized it pretty well which is quite difficult to do because so much happened, it is already 12:45pm, we are dead tired and getting grumpier by the minute…but we wanted to catch up on our blog…

Overall I am really impressed how well my scooter runs…well I guess I should say how well it runs on the straights. The challenge these past days was that there were not many of them. I have not seen so many mountain passes and made so many elevation changes on my scooter before. Man I must have missed the part in high school about North American Geography…I had no idea how high these mountain passes would get. The highlight was for sure 10,000 feet above sea level riding through Yosemite Park. The scenery unbelievable and definitely worth the effort.

Back to my scooter though for a minute…Rocket already mentioned it…on the uphill parts I definitely fall behind and have not been able to keep in 4th gear most of the time. Darn. Well EVERY pound I carry with me counts which I have learned painfully…Since I can’t quickly lose 50+ pounds…I have to cut down on the stuff I am carrying along with me. So I guess the black cocktail dress and the Stiletto’s will have to get sent back 😉 …and I have to admit, as much as I wanted to carry the Lederhosen with me, I haven’t even packed them. I also noticed that above 5000 feet the scooter runs pretty crappy…not really a big surprise, we expected that the altitude would give us a bit of trouble but we chose to take it as it comes rather than spending time trying to re-jet…and honestly, I have no idea when we would have had the time. Today Rocket looked at other possible causes at the side of the road why my scooter has some issues in certain conditions…we thought the choke might be sticking and we changed the spark plug just in case as well…same result however. So the next time we have a chance we will look into it again…however I am still hoping that some of it might be because we have been riding most of today above 5000 feet.

If anybody thought the Cannonball is just a series of loooong rides, let me tell you it is much more than that and you can tell at the starting line when the scooters take off and the adrenaline shoots in your blood…We started at Ocean Beach…and the beginning of the day was a good indication how the rest of the day would go. After the first mile my GPS froze completely and wasn’t even able to switch it off…the good news was that the group was relatively close together and we were joined by some of the local riders who came along for the first leg. I had no other choice than ripping the route for the day out of our riders booklet and used some duct tape to tape it to my wind screen. Not that I wouldn’t have been nervous enough without that additional issue. Luckily Rocket found the button combination to reset the GPS…by that time I saw however how valuable it is to have a low tech back-up solution. On the 2nd leg of the 1st Day we had some amazing hill climbs and some awesome views. The road was extremely narrow and I have not ever seen so many tight turns on any route…Our center stands kept scratching the pavement in the turns and I noticed Rocket having his foot out and he seemed to touch the ground at times. Although the speed was not high, it was still the limit (at least for me) given the road. A while later we lost the tires and the oil skins off Rocket’s back rack…and after that I was stupid enough losing my key. That was basically it…no chance of making up the time at that point, however we didn’t realize at that point that we wouldn’t be able to meet up with the rest of the group at the end of the day. We only realized that when John very strongly suggested we should find a room and head over the pass in the morning. That came as a shock and we first didn’t want to believe we would have to do it…When we reach Coulterville and spoke to some of the motorcycle riders in the area they also seemed to think we are crazy trying to cross the mountain passes at night which is what we were told would be another 3-4 hours of riding, mostly in the dark, on very twisty roads. I looked at Rocket who hasn’t slept for almost 30 hours and I know he wanted to go, but I have to admit from what I heard I decided to go with Johns suggestion as much as I wanted to finish the day with the rest of the group. We stayed in Coulterville for the night…without access to the laptop, cell phone not working…but at least getting a few hours of sleep at the local hotel which has quite a history.

Day 2 was long. We had extra riding to do…but the scenery made it an amazing experience. I think Rocket covered it pretty good already…When we arrived in Cedar City a 10:20 pm local time (did I mentioned we left Coulterville at around 6:30 am!!!) we were greeted by some fellow CB riders who brought us beers and were happy to see us. We exchanged a few stories…we heard that one rider unfortunately missed a turn and totalled his scooter – but the rider is not hurt thankfully. After a quick stop for a bite Rocket started doing the laundry and I set up the laptop so that we could transfer the map for the next day to the GPS and do our blog…so time to leave it at that for now. Tomorrow we are happy that we can start the day with the entire group…and it will for sure be another exciting day.


2 Responses to “Roy’s last 3 days…”

  1. TracySF Says:

    Without the cocktail dress and stilletos, what ever will you wear to go dancing until 2AM every night after scooting for 14 hours?
    Good luck to you both, be safe~
    Tracy in San Francisco

  2. Diana Says:

    Thanks for the lengthy update – hopefully from here on in- full speed ahead!! Go Roys!!

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