A bit more info in from Roy

I spoke to Roy again tonight and he was glad that Rocket was able to post what he did. Since the thingamabob part that makes the laptop work wirelessly is gone, Roy cant use his computer until I Purolator him another (tomorrow). When Roy was explaining to me that we have an extra usb wireless thingamabob in the basement and that it was 5 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick, Rocket of course wondered if his fly was down hahaha!

Roy was totally impressed that Rocket was able to change a cable in 11 minutes flat lol. Rocket says that if you go a steady 60 miles per hour and you stop 10 times for only one minute, that puts you behind by 60 miles and that is impossible to make up!

Roy says this is not a vacation ride…it really is tough as hell. Rocket got in in time to spend a few minutes in the hot tub tonight. Leave it to Rocket to be excited about a communal bath with men hahaha.

Roy informs us that Patrick accidentally went 76 miles in the wrong direction, and Jas, Mark and Keiren all used up valuable time too also missing intersections.

Someone got a ticket today for leaning too far over the yellow line on the road….the bike was on the right side, but their body wasnt and that cost him $111 but not as bad as the previous days tickets issued to other riders for $300 ea for speeding.

Roy tells me that Chispa – Vespa Bellingham sent Rocket a really awesome t-shirt which is white with both a modern and vintage vespa on it. It is Rockets new favorite t-shirt and he was showing it off. Roy of course is jelous hahaha. I better get online and buy one for Roys return lol.

Oh Yes….Rocket COULD NOT BELIEVE that a ferry would turn around to pick up a sole rider and his Lambretta hahaha. Roy says Rocket was saying “Nooooooooo he’s our competition!” hahahaha. That darn energizer bunny catches up again! I am sure BC Ferries would never turn back even if someone were drowning lol.


While Rocket was telling us the stories yesterday at Rocket speed, I got a little bit mixed up with the crashes. Jim T does have a broken ribs and shoulder, but his scooter is fine.

It was Joel who totalled his GTS but everyone thus far is fine.

Bobo who unfortunately had to return home after day 1 let Joel take his scooter and Joel is riding that now!

Oh yes….I apparently missed Rocket saying that even after all….he still LOVES Roy hahaha.

Stay tuned for Rockets next post which I hear will be a story about British entertainment……think you can guess what that is? LOL


5 Responses to “A bit more info in from Roy”

  1. Stanley Parker Says:

    ummm… while I flunked math… I’m guessing it was never Rocket’s strong suit either… I guess…

    “Rocket says that if you go a steady 60 miles per hour and you stop 10 times for only one minute, that puts you behind by 60 miles and that is impossible to make up!”

    In my world… a 10 minute stop @ 60/mph is a SIX (6) mile defecit.

    PLEASE… don’t let him calculate his fuel load!


  2. Janaybe Says:

    SO COOL for you guys that you are doing this marathon ride. We are on the east coast and would like to come out and support you on Saturday as you finish up in Ocean City. What time do you think everyone will be there?

  3. Daisy Says:

    Hahaha. Neil…..you have to remember that Roy was deleriously tired and trying to remember Rockets quote and he said he couldnt think at the time. 🙂

  4. gvvr Says:

    That is difficult to say…Day 10 starts in Oakland and we usually leave around 7am in the morning. The ride will end in Ocean City…looks like most of us have booked at the Days Inn Oceanfront. I think you will see people arriving anytime between 3pm and 6pm….I will try to find out more over the next few days what is planned upon our arrival in Ocean City.

  5. gvvr Says:

    In response to Neil’s comment:
    Hi Neil, good to hear from you. LOL…you need to revisit your math too..hahaha…at 60 mph it would be 1 mile per minute and therefore 10 miles for 10 minutes. 😉
    I think the part that got wrong was that it should say that at a speed of 60 mph, 6 stops at 10 minutes puts you 60 miles behind. Anyway, the point was really that we fly by Kieran at times and he always manages to make time up on us. He is a great guy…very dedicated Lambretta rider…no surprise that he is currently the President of the Lambretta Club of the USA.
    Hope to see you soon…keep your scooter running and join us for a ride when you are in the area.

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