Day 3 & 4 Update from Rocket

finally i can borrow a laptop and blog as roy and i lost a bit that makes it all work, wadda i know cruxiform and vespa gear box no problem even in the dark, computers no chance.

anyway on day 3 we set off with everybody, determined to make good time. we were making good progress, keeping our gas stops to as short a time as we can,

roys navigating is pretty good, and we aint made any arrors yet although we did see one guy go flying by at a junction as we gassed up , when he should have made a

so the two things that needed to be taken into consederation today were the 37 miles of gravel road and the ferry[more on that later]

so were driving along when roy said we had to make a right turn, ok no big deal just another non descriptive road, but this road led to some of the most breathtaking scenery i have ever seen in my life, it started out pretty dramatic utah rock type geography that took your breath away, but then after about 20 miles it turned to gravel, with signs like impassable to rv’s, use extreme caution, well understatement of the century, once we had been on this gravel road for a mile or two we found ourselves at the top of a massive cliff with a very very narrow gravel road taking major switch backs, if you put the back brake on the vespa it locked up almost instantly it was so steep, if you put on any less it , took like 45 feet to stop, finally coming to a halt after a few seconds of a total feeling of lack of control, it took all your will power not to grab a hand full of front brake, because you simply werent stopping and go carreening over[and im serious] more than a 1000 foot of cliff bouncing off of boulders as you went, so roy and i perceeded down, really slowly, at the bottom i was sweating like crazy, from the sheer concentration of trying to stay alive, remain in control and take in as much of it as i could, but looking away for even a brief second was more than enough on this was so amazing i have to bring the people i care about here, i was in awe, really.

once we got to the bottom it leveled out but was still gravel, and still had significant enough drop offs to kill you, so we were piling along, if you wernt carefull your tyer would get stuck, or get channeled in to one of the many dirt bike ruts and steering out was not an option, but fallinig over from trying was.

if that wasnt enough the wash boarding on the gravel can only be described as driving over aload of 2 x 4s at about 30mph, the whole machine vibrating so badly that control was lost in an instant, this is where i crashed, my front tyer got stuck in a rut, and started bouncing violently, and as my throttle has been modified [by me] to not close on its own'[hey works really well every where else] as my grip was loosened the throttle open to half way and after that crashing was in inevitable, i got in involutarily routed off the trail and into the desert sand where the front wheel dug in , i did an endo half went over the handle bars, breaking the windsheild hurting my shoulder and smashing my front mud gaurd, well dr marten helped me put the mudgaurd back into shape, the windsheild was glued later that day, but my pride and shoulder were a little worse for wear.

trust me this was the part that really tested you.

we got to the ferry that crosses the huge man made lake[wierd seeing this MASSIVE LAKE] in the middle of the desert, once we got on the ferry i found out that my friend jim t had also gone down in the sand/gravel and broken his shoulder and 2 ribs, also rich glass went down in the desert as did someone else whose name evades me.

just as the ferry was aboy 200 feet from shore kieran on the lambretta showed up and missed the boat, which only sails on the odd hours, so he had a long wait, but this big ferry turned around to go back and get him!

after the events earlier in the day the rest seemed quite tame, thank god.

roy and i arrived in good time and ready to start planning for the next day.


DAY 4, today we were going to cross the continental divide at 11200 feet, aaahh poor vespa , thin cold air /unforgiving rider.

so we set off in the morning and were making good time, we  left utah behind and entered colorado without issue, amazing how the geography changes, now we had similar terain only more green, that doesnt suprise me as the day before i saw something i hadnt seen for quite a few days especially considering how big the sky was…a cloud.

so now the clouds were returning..bummer.. and the mountains were snow coverd with the trees doing the very best to conquer every spot posible, it was on this streatch on one of the down hills that a lady in an rv that was right up my backside tried to pass me and pulled immediately in front of me nearly knocking me off, i showed my displeasure with a single finger.

then at the top of the next hill i over took her and did the same to her and pulled in from of her. after that on the next up hill she just passed and that was that.

so we made it up to the top of 11 thousand feet and it was the biggest hill i have ever climbed on a vespa, at 11 thou idling was out of the question, the machine did not want to start, let alone idle.

after all the pictures and hand shakes we set off for the travel lodge in salider colorado, which we made in really good time, my vespa likes down hills it does.

ok got in got settled and joined about 10 of the other cannonballers for dinner who were already at the local eatery, so stories were told numbers and statistic compared, well after i told my story of the rv that cut me off everyone burst in to histerics[huh] well one of the other cannonballers had got stopped by the cops and got a warning for eratic riding[no ticket just a written warning] when the guy asked the cop what the problem  was, the cop informed him that someone phoned in that that a scooter had over taken an rv on a down hill and cut in front of it and as he was the only scooter around so the cop followed him and pulled him over.!…lol.

now way did the cop realize that there were other scooters here in the middle of nowhere and presumed he had his man…

any way that seems to be if for now, roy and i are getting into a routine and are getting in quite early, despite roy breaking a clutch cable today which i changed in 11 minutes and has us riding asap, as we did not want to be in the mountains/devide in the dark……..Rocket


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