CB – Day 5: From Colorado to Kansas


It has been a while since my last blog entry, but Rocket and Delia have kept things going which is great. Leaving Salida, Colorado this morning it was extremely cold and we put on all the layers we took with us. The roads had a bit of frost on them and we were more careful than usually going through corners. We tried to catch up with Kiran who left about half an hour before us and planned to ride with him for a while, however by the time we caught up to him he was at a gas station and we decided to continue at our speed. My scooter ran much better again coming down to 4000 feet and below which was very nice to see. I didn’t feel to good having the scooter bog and labour on the high mountain passes…plus it was nice being able to run at 60+ miles per hour again. The once we got out of the mountains the remaining ride was not very exciting to be honest and the scenery was nowhere near as impressive as the previous days. I guess I have to get used to hours and hours of crossing the prairie with no significant change in scenery. There were a few towns where we wondered why people would want to live there, but I guess they must have a reason.

We saw Joel waving us at the side of the road and stopped to see what had happened to him. Joel is the guy who crashed his GTS on Day One and is lucky that Bobo is lending him his GTV to continue on. Unfortunately the belt of his scooter broke and that is something we couldn’t help him with.
Rocket was concerned that Joel would be standing in the heat for hours waiting for the truck to come by with a spare belt for him…and indeed when we saw Joel this evening he had a nice tan putting it mildly. Hope his streak of bad luck will end. After a chat with him Joel told us to carry on and so we did making our way to Kansas.

We didn’t make friends with some truckers on Highway 50 today when we decided to pass them. It took us a bit at over 60 miles per hour to get past the trucks, but we made it and it seemed to piss one of the guys pretty much off. Oh well…
Another trucker had a crow flying into the front of the truck right in fron of us and Rocket said he was briefly riding through some feathers that the bird lost before ending like so much other roadkill we saw in the last days on the side of the road.

Our ride today ended just before 4 pm local time in Garden City, KS. Finally we have some time to enjoy a bit more time with the rest of the guys. While the rides are a lot of fun, I think what makes the CB special is also the company and having time to know each other and share some good scooter stories in the evening. I totally understand why Rocket was so pissed that we didn’t meet the group at the end of Day One. We definitely don’t want to let this happen again.

By the way, on the way from Vancouver down to SF I had some issues with my fuel tap. For some reason the bike would start overheating and bog extremely although there was still most of the reserve left. What can I say, I organized a fuel tap that I thought I would try to use if the situation continued…but then Day One of the CB came and I can burn my reserve now to the last drop…Who knows, maybe it was just temporarily plugged up somehow…anyhow don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, right?

We are lucky today, we have a router and Ethernet cable in our room and don’t need the wireless adapter we have lost…just in case, Delia confirmed that a spare wireless USB Adapter is on its way and I hope I can pick it up at the reception tomorrow when we arrive in Fort Scott.

Anyway, I will hand over the laptop now to Rocket and let him write his blog for today.

PS: I can’t believe we are at the halfway mark of the CB already. 5 more days to go. I am sure it will be fun.


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