Rocket’s Day 5 Update

well today some might have found it a little boring, leaving colorado and coming in to the flat lands of kansas, flat straight and uninspiring, but really i find that a welome change, all owing your thoughts to wander without the interuption of scenery or navigating corners or hills.

we arrived in good time today and i had enough time to find the local tyer shop that was open and get my extra spare put on my onboard spare, they didnt seem to keen , but i ” talked”  then into it for a tenner, so today i shed another 8 or nine pounds from my scoot, how ironic that most of the huge climbes are behind us. still makes for easier passing.

also were now starting to for connection and true frendships with out cannonball friends, most of us waiting till the last riders are in then going off for dinner as a large group, the comaradery and one liners kill me.

afterward its allway hanging around as group, usually around the late night fixers, everyone sticking in there unwelcome opinions!

at one point or another in the last few days ive been having meatball subs or the like  an every time i have to leave an air buiscuit i call out ” rejetting” at first they didnt really know what to do, but now everyone cracks up, i actully do do it much, but it works really well for getting to the front of the line up….”rejetting” !

its hard to believe that we have all ready ridden our scooters washington. california,navada, utah,colorado, and tomorrow will se us on the other side of kansas, its gone so fast!


take care…Roy.




One Response to “Rocket’s Day 5 Update”

  1. Reggie Says:

    Hey Roy – we know you are heading our way! The St. Louis Scooter Club wants to show you some hospitality while you are here in our town. Give me a ring or SMS 314-265-4756 if you can and it would be nice to meet up with you! – Reggie

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