CB – Day 6: Across Kansas

Yesterday, our route ended in Garden City, Kansas, and we continued to make our way across Kansas today. I wasn’t too impressed with the Western part of Kansas, but making our way East I really enjoyed. The dry prairie landscape changed to a nice green scenery with thick green grass and nice trees along the way. Also the towns we came through today looked nicer.

Making our way through Dodge City I couldn’t help thinking about Western Movies and even the street names reminded us of some of the famous Western Characters. Kieran left as usual first and we knew that we would catch him at some point on the way. I enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have any hill climbs today and my scooter ran extremely well. No more bogging which was good to see. We caught up to Kieran very quickly and we joined him for a little way until the first gas stop. No disrespect to Kieran, I think this guy is awesome how persistent he rides his Lambretta, however we didn’t want to ride too long at Kieran’s speed and left him after a while…only to see him 75 miles later pull up at the gas station when we were about to leave after having a quick snack. Rocket calls him the Energizer bunny and he definitely has a point there.


Not that it is in any way intended to impress anybody, but I thought I give you some information about our speed that I collected on this route which was just short of 400 miles today: My top speed was 68.8 mph and our moving average was about 54 mph. I think the moving average was pretty good today considering that we are not taking any Interstates and are going through towns with school zones, and had to go through several work zones as well today.


At some point along the way we saw Ed on his Big Ruckus and he asked us whether he can ride the rest of the way with us. Of course he can, the more the merrier…if anything he would get bored at our speed, his Big Ruckus can move much quicker than we can. Ed however, just as we, seemed to enjoy the company and stayed with us until we arrived in Fort Scott.


I learnt that the Big Ruckus is one of Rocket’s favourite automatic scooters, he was smiling like a kid in a toy store when Ed gave his OK to let him sit on his scooter.


Ed’s scooter has a bit of an unusual shape…I think you know what I mean when you see the picture.


Yes, there will be pictures from now on and I will also add some over time to the older posts. Don’t expect too much though…we rarely stop for long on the way and most of the time we either took them while we ride or stop for a brief moment.

When we arrived most of the riders were already at the hotel and we heard that Fort Scott’s Chamber of Commerce invited us to a party. How nice of them. A local reporter arrived also at the hotel parking lot and spoke to some of the guys. For me it was time to change my rear tire…I couldn’t believe how low the profile of the tire got over the past few days. When we left Vancouver I had about 100km on my new Heidenau tires and less than 3000km later it was time to change the rear tire…I was really disappointed and expected more after I read some tire reviews online. Good to have a spare wheel under the side panel! It is really cool hanging out as a group in the parking lot with the scooters and there is always somebody who bought some extra beers (sometimes a good thing to come late…beer is already waiting for us…LOL).


There is always something you can pick up and learn when you talk to the guys and watch them service their bikes….and if you are extremely lucky you can see Rolf (Soltau) giving advice and helping people with their scooter troubles. I am so jealous, I missed when Rolf helped Bagel replace his Variator kit…The Polini kit was in a very bad shape and Rolf helped putting on a J Costa Variator kit. I think I already got all my Christmas presents for this year (and probably next year as well) after spending money to get the P200 engine built for the Cannonball…however the J Costa Variator would definitely be my next choice when I decide it is necessary to replace the Malossi. Only heard good things about this Variator on this trip. Another new toy would be a Leovinci pipe for the GT60…that seems to be the exhaust most of the GTS riders have chosen.

In case you haven’t heard the name Rolf Soltau mentioned before, Rolf is an amazing person with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Piaggio scooters. He is the guy who trains the Piaggio mechanics and technicians and he was involved in some of the design work. Just an awesome experience to have him with us here driving the support truck being there when you need him.


5 Responses to “CB – Day 6: Across Kansas”

  1. rockets brother Says:

    Hi You guys. seem to be making good pace now and you have got into the groooooove so to speak. Like the pic of you behind the England Truck! We have been following the world map here and your right about the dodge city thing. We just had a picture in our minds of you guys pulling up out side the “saloon” and tying them up out front and Rocket walking in and going ” I’ll have a cup of tea please mate”. It made us laugh anyway. Roy your right, on a trip like this you make some solid friends, ones you can rely on and stuff happens that you will be talking about for, well probably a lifetime. keep up the great bloggs. be coooool. Rockets brother back in blighty.

  2. Bobo Says:

    I am loving your blog and so wish I was still with you. Rocket, I bought yer first cup of coffee in San Fran and will get yer last one too I promise.


  3. Mike "Jefe" Says:

    Rolf has been our mentor and teacher and we’re lucky to have him as our friend. He will always help another scooterist or motorcyclist.
    Good luck on the rest of your trip. Had a great time in 2006 with Rocket looks like you guys are surviving well.

    BTW, I hope you guys can come back to the Bay Area next July as we’ll be hosting Amerivespa in San Jose/Los Gatos.

    Mike Bobadilla – “Jefe”
    Vespa Club Los Gatos

  4. Sean Smith Says:

    Great work guys! Glad the day was a nice ride – the ruckus looks crazy with the storage compartment on the back! It is nice to read about the comradery that develops on the trip.

    Great job with the pics – nice to see some of what’s going on! Keep it up and be safe!


  5. Diana Says:

    Great that you had time to post some photos – oh, and I do think you deserve the Leovince pipe for the GT 60 as a welcome home gift after this crazy adventure šŸ˜‰
    How are the butts holding up? I just can’t imagine those long days in the saddle…

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