A brief update….

Delia here…

Roy just called and he didnt have much time to talk because it was a very long day of riding and it’s late (more on that later) and they are very hungry and still have to program the maps on the GPS etc.

Roys scooter held up today, but still no knowing for how long. Worse is that his oil seal is toast which is causing more problems and to fix that requires splitting the engine which at this point is not an option. His poor scooter is labouring and it is difficult riding as the bike does not want to idle and having to stop means either stalling it or throwing it into a different gear.

Today they travelled a while on the Interstate and the minimum speed is 45 mph, so the Roys decided to stay with Keiren aka the energizer bunny on the Lambretta because his top speed is about 50 mph and it is certain death to do the interstate by yourself with those statistics. The Roys knew this would mean getting in even later than normal, so they may not be able to post on the blog later with the other things they still have to do.

Roy is going to try to call later (if any of us are still awake) and if I have any more info, I will post it.

Waiting as always to hear more!


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