Some bad news but awaiting an update

Delia here….

I quickly called Roy last night when I got a text message from him saying that his scooter was not running and the clutch was broken and he was hoping they could fix it last night, but it wasnt looking good because (and I am not mechanical at all) a spring associated with the clutch somehow got loose and got shredded up and caused some other damage. He couldnt talk after he got that information out because some help arrived and he had to go….and I was on my way out.

A couple hours later, I got another text msg from Roy saying that he made it back to the hotel on his own scooter, but he was not sure how long it would last. Roy says he owes Robert Carver in St. Louis a huge sign of appreciation.

While I could hear in Roys voice how disappointed and bummed he was, his voice totally changed and he was obviousy uplifted when he told me how everyone was jumping in to help and he was really touched. I have not heard anything more yet, so hopefully things went ok and he is riding.

He did say that if his scooter was out that he was already offered the opportunity to ride the new GST Joel H just bought! – pretty cool….and I cant wait to hear the rest of the story.

Good luck Roys – we are all wishing you well

Love Delia

ps….oh Yeah Roy….you are definately pushing your luck with the Christmas presents. We will talk


One Response to “Some bad news but awaiting an update”

  1. bobskoot Says:

    it would be a great disappointment if Roy’s scoot is out of commission. It just seems more challenging with all these little “hurdles” to overcome and comaradaries that will develop into friendships over a lifetime.
    GO ROYs GO . . . (both Roys)

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