CB Day 8 + 9 – The end is near!


Riding my patched scooter is still a challenge at times, but I am very thankful just to be able to ride my scooters and hopefully making it to Ocean City without more problems.

Day 8 we rode with Kieran the entire day. We couldn’t let anything happen to the President of the Lambretta Club of USA. 😉
Seriously though, as a single rider on a slower scooter, You don’t want to ride on the Interstate at 45-5-mph during rush hour. It ended up being a long day and we didn’t arrive in Cincinatti until 9:30 pm.

Day 9 was supposed to bring us to Maryland, the final state that we would ride across during this years Cannonball. I really enjoyed the route and the scenery. riding through the mountain region of West Virginia and Maryland was very cool. West Virginia reminded me a bit of the Black Forest region.

We started together with Kieran from the Hotel in Cincinatti.

Picture 147

However, today we decided that we only wanted to ride together until we have some open road. We really wanted to arrive at our hotel as early as possible. So for a while it was Rocket and myself again making our way from checkpoint to checkpoint, however it wasn’t very long until we saw Dave.

Picture 161

Dave wanted to ride with us today and the three of us rode most of the route together until we arrived at the hotel, however not before Rocket was helping Marcus on the side of the road.

Picture 167

Marcus’ scooter would not run. Rocket got it to the point where Marcus at least could ride the scooter carefully and off we went.

Picture 182

Rolf later on was able to help and improve the situation with Marcus’ scooter even more.

When we finally crossed the border to Maryland we were all cheering and we had to take a quick shot of the Welcome to Maryland sign.

Picture 175

One last day on Saturday…let’s hope my clutch and cruciform can survive the abuse they are receiving one last day.


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