the beggining of the end

ok so as i sit here in the hotel, i cant believe its over! but lets go back to yesterday morning and figure out how we got here.

yesterday morning Roy and i woke up and knew what we had to do.

load up the scooters figure out what clothing to where depending on temperature, have breakfast load up the scooters and show up at the riders meeting,

leaving Cincinnati was kinda sad, as when we came into the city the night before we crossed the bridge and had a fantastic view of the skyline, then as our hotel was on the other side we had to drive through downtown, and it would have been nice to see a little more.

once we got to the first gas station and Roy and i knew that kieran was well on his way and on the right road we bid him farewell, as neither Roy nor i could stand another 45 mph day!

so we proceeded on our way, doing really well especially roy with his nice new clutch jb welded on!

so there’s really not much else to tell about yesterday, except that Dave on the 250gti caught up with us and road for most of the afternoon with us, the three of us having a good laugh riding along in the Virginia country side , at one piont we came across one of the vespa gt carburetter 200cc that was dead and would not go, i managed to get it going again, through luck and elimination.

roy and i really pressed on today as yesterdays 45mph nightmare was still fresh in our minds.

it was a relief to arrive in Oakland, early with plenty of day time left, Rolf and i had another look at the gt and seemed to get it going better.

everyone seemed in really good spirits as we knew that that the next day was to be the last.

ok in the morning on the last day it was foggy and cold, personally i hate fog with a passion, what use is it, nope give me the clean and tidy buggless , sterile Nevada desert any day.

so Roy and i set off in the freezing fog if Roy got more that 100ft in front i lost sight of him, i could not wait for the sun to come up, it was at this point that Dave on the buddy, who wanted to ride with us on the last day disappeared from my rear view, after turning around it was determined that he had broken a belt, personally i was gutted for Dave as his machine had done really well for a small no name brand 125, i personally was pretty impressed with it resilience.

so once he made the call and we knew he was fine Roy and i pressed on towards Washington dc, where on the out skirts we were to meet the locals who were to lead us into town for pizza at vespa Washington, once we had all arrived and our times noted, we all rode into this big us capitol city, at this point i should mention that Roy’s scooter did not like the city traffic at all and stalled at every light, of which there were many. seeing Roy having to run and bump his scooter at every light was pretty hard on the guy especially as we were still dressed for the fog only now it was very warm and sunny!

plus in order to get it going you really had to run fast!

so once we had pizza a large group, left for a tour of Washington’s famous spots ending up on the other side of town, where the race would be restarted for the last 105 miles to ocean beach, Roy and i skipped the tour and opted to go directly to the start line, keeping the lights to a minimum.

so once everyone arrived, we were off.

this was to be 100 miles of duel carriage way , and Roy was pretty frustrated by now, so i said hey go as fast as you can your machine loves freeway and this is your last chance!

well Roy took this and went like hell,his machine being pushed to it limits,we arrive in ocean city in quick order, Roy and i weaving in of traffic, like maniacs.

my gps clocked me at 69.8mph on the flat, but neither Roy nor i went below 110 kmh except when we gassed up, this part reminded me of my last cannonball as ashrat and i did this pretty much most of the time.

once in ocean city we received a congratulations and could not believe it was over.

ocean beach is like a mini vegas with an ocean front and a very nice beach.

as i sit here writing this Roy is fast asleep on his bed, glasses still on and a can of 7 up in one hand balanced on his tummy…lol.

oh well were riding to Toronto tomorrow 750 miles to get back into Canada, drop off our scoots for shipping home and try to get some stand by flights. Rocket

oh and there is now way on this planet i could have done this without our sponcers




and look out for a cannonball bike on display at there shop if they so desire.

when i left my speedo read 54800, it now reads 62840…WOW

like my friend kieran said ” crazy times and crazy fun roy, crazy fun”

i couldn’t have put it better myself… Roy Cross…ocean beach.


One Response to “the beggining of the end”

  1. Sean Smith Says:

    Congrats guys!

    I am so glad the 2 of you and the bikes all made it. What a accomplishment! Enjoy the ride back to Canada – thanks for all the posts… it has been a lot of fun reading about the adventure!


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