The Roys make it :)

Delia here…..the boys just called to say they arrived in Ocean City at 5:45pm today and it’s over….well sort of.  Tomorow morning begins the ride to Toronto where they will head to Canadian Scooter Corp to box up the scoots to ship back thanks to Canadian Scooter Corp and Vespa Kelowna.

Roys bike is worse for wear and Rocket says he could have won a sweating contest from bump starting it at every red light and stop sign.  Maybe he gets extra points for pushing that bike to the end lol and Rocket should get extra points for being roadside mechanic to more than Roy!

The Roys were in good spirits and Rocket is ready to chat up some locals (women lol).  Rocket says his scooter was timed by GPS at 69.9 miles per hour on the flat – fast! Roy was timed at 68.7 mph.  Rocket says he ‘aint doin the Cannonball again” but like Vegas nearing, the boys are already talking about driving hahaha.

They are going to blog later, but they were on their way to celebrate tonight with everyone……

looking forward to reading their words 🙂

This pic is not from the finish line, but I’ll bet they looked this happy!  Oh yes…they said they made it in before the energizer bunny !!!


One Response to “The Roys make it :)”

  1. Joel Hamilton Says:

    I rode in to the finish with these guys.
    I scared the crap out of Rocket when my bike backfired a couple of times just as I passed him. HILARIOUS. I was gasping in my helmet at his body language after the backfire…

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