Roy’s scooter bit the biscuit near Niagra

Hello everyone….

Delia here, and this may be my final update before the Roys put up any more posts.

I heard from Roy this morning.  They stopped in Niagra Falls last night because they could not make the entire trip from the end of the Cannonball to Toronto in one go….so they headed out this morning to get to Toronto which I hear is about 1& 1/2 hours away.  Roys scooter broke down on a highway somewhere and he could not see Rocket anymore (who was in front of him).  Roy called CAA for a tow – poor scooter.

They booked a flight back to Vancouver today which arrives at 1am (good grief) and I will be picking them up tonight.  That puts Roy and I home at 2am, but we still need to take care of Rocket who is about another hour away….really putting us back home at 4am- ack!

Hopefully all goes well at Canadian Scooter Corp.

I am sure they will be posting more about the last days when they are back and settled.

bye for now 🙂


2 Responses to “Roy’s scooter bit the biscuit near Niagra”

  1. Dennis Says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on that engine. :-/

  2. Joel Hamilton Says:

    Oh, MAN!
    I was really hoping to hear that team JB weld had fully rocked-it all the way to toronto…

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