and then there was more…

Delia again thinking yesterday would be my last post…..hahaha!

In short (because the Roys will definately be posting)…..Roys bike got towed to Canadian Scooter Corporation and he said that place was the high point of that disappointing day because things going wrong went from bad to worse after the high point.  Roy lost the Vespa bag that I loaned him which contained my Nikon Digital Camera and the new fuel tap, computer part, the cracked thingamajig part that was to be a Cannonball keepsake, clothing etc etc and probably stuff he has not mentioned or yet realized he lost.

Thinking he might recover my bag from the Subway (OMG yeah right) he went back…..but got trapped when the train stopped running while Rocket was waiting and wondering what was taking Roy so long.  In a mad rush to the airport from the trials and tribulations, they missed their flight! 

Stress and more money was spent re-booking a flight.  Calls made to arrange a new pickup (during work hours) and a night spent at the airport.  I picked the Roys up this morning and I have never seen Rocket so happy to be home and he kept saying how good it was to see me hahaha.  Both Roys were so happy to be home, but my Roy’s work was not yet over.  Roy thought I would surely kill him for losing my stuff, but I told him all would be forgiven if he could come to my Office after a shower and fix my computer which had the blue screen of death on it since yesterday.

So I dropped Roy at home for a shower, change and he then drove to my Office with his super-hero-techie Fred Perry jacket and Vespa hat (thanks CSC) to fix my poor computer.  Meanwhile, I made Rocket tea and served up some authentic Aussie Tim Tams, made another cup for him to go, and then off we went on the trip to deliver Rocket home. 

I had an appointment to get to after that, and then off to the Office to find a very exhausted Roy still working on my computer.  As I looked at him, I noticed that he has ‘cheek tans’ on each side of his face where the sun made it through his full face helmet.  It is hard not to stare at these tan triangles hahaha.  At 5pm (at least 5 hours later) my computer was fixed and Roy was finally able to go home too. 

He wanted to watch some TV after dinner – but that was just dream because he was fast asleep right after dinner.  He woke up once in a panic wondering how long he had been sleeping and what he needed to put on his cannonball timesheet and where he had to be tomorrow.  He is now dreaming Cannonball hahaha.

Wait till you hear the stories…..but I think for tonight the lights have gone out and the Roys are getting some much needed rest after the Cannonball that followed the Cannonball….

more from the Roys to follow 🙂


2 Responses to “and then there was more…”

  1. Sean Smith Says:

    Wow – all in all it sounds like the post-cannonball was quite a trip! It is too bad about the lost bag. I know I would be willing to contribute to a fund to help replace the camera.

    Glad everyone made it home!


  2. MarkH Says:

    Post-Cannonball depression is very real. You hate looking at your scooter, but you kind of miss being on the road everyday. 🙂

    Good luck with the recovery

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