About our Cannonball Adventure

Hi there,

glad you are having a look at our Scooter Cannonball Blog.

Maybe you are wondering who these crazy guys are that think they can ride all across the US, coast to coast, from San Francisco to Ocean City,  on 25+ year old Vespa P200 motor scooters?

Oh…did I say across the US?  Maybe I should have added that before the official start of the Cannonball we are stupid enough to make the trip on our scooters from Vancouver, BC, to San Francisco, and right after the Cannonball we are planning to head from Ocean City, MD, to Toronto, ON.  Sounds like a challenge (aka. stupid idea), right?

OK…this is who we are….

Roy Cross (aka. “Rocket”) – Rocket lives in Mission, BC, and if you get to know him, you understand when I write that he always seems to be a man on a mission, never resting, a friend you want to have who is always up to helping others getting their scooters fixed and on the road.  Rocket was born and raised in the UK before immigrating to Canada.  He’s been around Vespa scooters forever and did not seem to miss too many scooter rallies in the UK in the eighties. He’s a true “Scooter Boy” at heart.

Roy Schatz (aka. “Roy”) – That would be me. I live in Surrey, BC, with my lovely wife Delia who is giving me a kick in the butt now and then to get things done.  She knows I need it, I guess.  Anyway digressing here… Like Rocket I was born and raised in the old world before immigrating to Canada.  I am German and you can tell that I didn’t grow up in North America when I get that glazed look in my eyes when people talk about TV shows of the eighties and think it is amazing that I never heard of them.  When I was 16 years old I did get my Vespa PX80 in Germany…way back in the early eighties. I neglected my scooter for many years, before getting it back on the road several years ago and since then Harry, my PX scooter,  has undergone several transformations.  Right now he is running with a brand new built P200 engine and Harry is running better than ever before.

Both Rocket and I belong to various Scooter Clubs.  The local Club both of us belong to is the Greater Vancouver Vespa Riders (GVVR).  Check out the Clubs website and forum at http://www.gvvr.org and http://gvvr.proboards105.com/index.cgi respectively.

Rocket is also a member of the Worst Scooter Club Ever in Vancouver, BC.

We both want to Thank our sponsors for helping us making this Scooter Cannonball adventure possible for us, in particular

– Chispa, Vespa Bellingham
– Vespa Kelowna
– Matthias Schwartz, aka. Dennis, aka. owner of ScooterMd / Fastuff


14 Responses to “About our Cannonball Adventure”

  1. gvvr Says:

    err ello, im not sure what to say roy seemed to have pretty much covered all the bases.
    oh but yeah please visit the sites of our sponsors or pop in and see them, they aint gunna bite yer are they, well not unless you ask really nicely…R

  2. James Says:

    as a “newbie” even though I manage a scooter shop, I have to say that 1) you guys rock! you’ve made me feel very welcome in the border area scooter community and have taught me a lot about riding, yes Rocket, that was me who popped the clutch and was separated from the group on the rally ride; and 2) I think that anyone who is willing to ride across the country on a PX is my permanent hero. What a great bike! I’m no longer comfortable on anything else. Ride safe and don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything!

  3. Rockets brother Says:

    What can i say except go and kick some arse (if any of you might feel it that is!) We are all rooooooting for you here and following the blog. Thrust my cheap arse brother to be only lunatick in the USA with a cell phone thats about as much use as a scooter with square wheels!

    All the breast and be safe to both rocket and Roy.

    rockets brother, rockets sister in law, and rockets nephew and wait for it, Rockets neice.

  4. Disco Dave Says:

    go rocket we are all routing for you back in the UK

  5. Cindy Says:

    Roy aka Rocket. Good luck mate and safe riding. Everyone in the Uk will follow this with interest.

  6. canarycarl Says:

    Roy, i take my hat off to you mate, best of luck with the journey, ride safe and have fun.

  7. Elgarra Says:

    I shall be uttering incantations to speed you on your way. My granny taught me them, she was a bit odd.

    Keep those throttles open and the scoots rubber side down.

  8. Atomos Says:

    Good luck guys, wish I was riding with you…

  9. AndyGatecrashers Says:

    Have a great ride Roy & hopefully see you in Vegas next year

  10. demonlarry Says:

    good luck Roys…

    Roy get in touch as you pass NYC…

    ride safe

  11. Disco Dave Says:

    Well done to all who took part, especially to those that completed it and nice one Rocket another one completed.

    Wait to see what result in the placing you got and if you got beaten by a girl again lol.

  12. Ade (SBW) Says:

    Well done Rocket, on behalf of SBW we are all proud of you.
    Makes a change being beaten by a girl without having to pay though!

  13. Elgarra Says:

    Ha!..The incantations always work.

  14. Karryll Nason Says:

    Congratulations to both of you! I am the scooter correspondent for Urban Moto, and I followed your blog all along the route. I am doing an article on the Cannonball for the magazine, and I’m hoping you will answer a few questions for me:

    1. Why did you go on the Run? Did you accomplish your goal?

    2. What was the best thing and the worst thing about the adventure? What did you learn from it?

    3. Would you do it again? Why or why not?
    If you have photos you’d like to contribute to the article (they will be credited to you, of course), that would be great.

    Thanks for your help,

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