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Roy’s scooter bit the biscuit near Niagra

September 22, 2008

Hello everyone….

Delia here, and this may be my final update before the Roys put up any more posts.

I heard from Roy this morning.  They stopped in Niagra Falls last night because they could not make the entire trip from the end of the Cannonball to Toronto in one go….so they headed out this morning to get to Toronto which I hear is about 1& 1/2 hours away.  Roys scooter broke down on a highway somewhere and he could not see Rocket anymore (who was in front of him).  Roy called CAA for a tow – poor scooter.

They booked a flight back to Vancouver today which arrives at 1am (good grief) and I will be picking them up tonight.  That puts Roy and I home at 2am, but we still need to take care of Rocket who is about another hour away….really putting us back home at 4am- ack!

Hopefully all goes well at Canadian Scooter Corp.

I am sure they will be posting more about the last days when they are back and settled.

bye for now 🙂


The Roys make it :)

September 20, 2008

Delia here…..the boys just called to say they arrived in Ocean City at 5:45pm today and it’s over….well sort of.  Tomorow morning begins the ride to Toronto where they will head to Canadian Scooter Corp to box up the scoots to ship back thanks to Canadian Scooter Corp and Vespa Kelowna.

Roys bike is worse for wear and Rocket says he could have won a sweating contest from bump starting it at every red light and stop sign.  Maybe he gets extra points for pushing that bike to the end lol and Rocket should get extra points for being roadside mechanic to more than Roy!

The Roys were in good spirits and Rocket is ready to chat up some locals (women lol).  Rocket says his scooter was timed by GPS at 69.9 miles per hour on the flat – fast! Roy was timed at 68.7 mph.  Rocket says he ‘aint doin the Cannonball again” but like Vegas nearing, the boys are already talking about driving hahaha.

They are going to blog later, but they were on their way to celebrate tonight with everyone……

looking forward to reading their words 🙂

This pic is not from the finish line, but I’ll bet they looked this happy!  Oh yes…they said they made it in before the energizer bunny !!!

A few pics Roy put up on our hosting site…

September 18, 2008

This is Rocket when he located the lost tire…he looks really happy hahaha

I have no comment on this one….

The bars attempt at lavalife is on the ceiling….pretty cheap though as it costs you a buck to get your ad up and another buck to buy one hahaha….

The alien highway lol

This is a cowpie for a different planet !

Hahaha…I was joking when I said Alien

I see why Rocket wants another Chispa (Vespa Bellingham) Decal….looks cool!

Low tech GPS lol

Here are some pics I swiped from Modern Vespa

September 18, 2008

Shamelessly swiped, but not everyone visits every forum (incl me) 🙂

A brief update….

September 18, 2008

Delia here…

Roy just called and he didnt have much time to talk because it was a very long day of riding and it’s late (more on that later) and they are very hungry and still have to program the maps on the GPS etc.

Roys scooter held up today, but still no knowing for how long. Worse is that his oil seal is toast which is causing more problems and to fix that requires splitting the engine which at this point is not an option. His poor scooter is labouring and it is difficult riding as the bike does not want to idle and having to stop means either stalling it or throwing it into a different gear.

Today they travelled a while on the Interstate and the minimum speed is 45 mph, so the Roys decided to stay with Keiren aka the energizer bunny on the Lambretta because his top speed is about 50 mph and it is certain death to do the interstate by yourself with those statistics. The Roys knew this would mean getting in even later than normal, so they may not be able to post on the blog later with the other things they still have to do.

Roy is going to try to call later (if any of us are still awake) and if I have any more info, I will post it.

Waiting as always to hear more!

Some bad news but awaiting an update

September 18, 2008

Delia here….

I quickly called Roy last night when I got a text message from him saying that his scooter was not running and the clutch was broken and he was hoping they could fix it last night, but it wasnt looking good because (and I am not mechanical at all) a spring associated with the clutch somehow got loose and got shredded up and caused some other damage. He couldnt talk after he got that information out because some help arrived and he had to go….and I was on my way out.

A couple hours later, I got another text msg from Roy saying that he made it back to the hotel on his own scooter, but he was not sure how long it would last. Roy says he owes Robert Carver in St. Louis a huge sign of appreciation.

While I could hear in Roys voice how disappointed and bummed he was, his voice totally changed and he was obviousy uplifted when he told me how everyone was jumping in to help and he was really touched. I have not heard anything more yet, so hopefully things went ok and he is riding.

He did say that if his scooter was out that he was already offered the opportunity to ride the new GST Joel H just bought! – pretty cool….and I cant wait to hear the rest of the story.

Good luck Roys – we are all wishing you well

Love Delia

ps….oh Yeah Roy….you are definately pushing your luck with the Christmas presents. We will talk

The ROY’s just called and gave us the news…..

September 13, 2008

Delia here posting as the Roys have no internet today……and I am told that today was like a Demolition Derby!

At least 6 bikes crashed and the worst was Jim T (who is 65 years old)- who did a face plant on his scooter and then it rolled over him. He ended up with a broken arm, shoulder and 2 ribs and completely totalled his bike which was dragged out of the ravine and dragged like a dead carcass into the back of the support vehicle. We are glad he was not hurt worse, and I am told he was hurt the worst of any of the crashers who are all apparently ok. 2 guys got speeding tickets. You may have seen on the cannonball site that there were 6 manual bikes registered, but only 3 are doing the Cannonball…..who are Roy & Rocket on their P200’s and Kieren on the Lambretta – so the race is on!

Roy is first on the phone and I put him on speaker…..and I asked him if he has killed Rocket yet, but says “not yet” and then Alison (who is here with Mark) asked Roy if he was still best friends with Rocket to which he replies “I dunno” hahahaa and as soon as Rocket found out that I was with Mark and Alison, he gets on the phone and says to me and I quote “Roy is a f*cking Prick – come and get him – he worries about everything!” hahahaha!

Rocket was amongst one of the people that crashed today. Rockets tells the story like this: Ok his wrist was hurting already from holding the throttle all day long, so he decided to use a rubber glove to wrap around the throttle to keep it open so he didnt have to hold it. Trouble with this is when they hit the canyon of gravel. Todays ride was the most challenging and they said it was like riding through the Grand Canyon and Death Valley with not a soul in sight for 40 miles and only a very tiny gravel road with canyon on both sides! Rocket hit the gravel and was unable to release the rubber glove in time, so the Vespa was jumping around an his jerry can then covered the rear brake leaving him riding with throttle wide open and only the front brake available…..his tire went into a rut and there was little he could do, and then the bike did an “endo” and the rear came up and almost flipped. He broke his windshield and the air vent spoiler on the side of his cowel was acting like a dirt scoop/sand anchor! The bike took Rocket down on his side and Rocket hurt his shoulder (not broken, just very sore). Rocket says he can’t even lift his arm to comb his hair, but not likely anyone will notice the difference – hahaha….oops…inside thoughts!

Rocket got up and was totally ‘hyperfied” if you can imagine Rocket hyperfied omg hahahaha! and was saying he was fine – he was fine. (Not to mention that he is still coming down off his coffee high from yesterday)

Rocket then says to me that my old man is an idiot, because gasoline out there is like gold and gas was spilling out of his bike, and instead of attending to getting the bike upright, Roy was grabbing his camera for a picture ahahahahaha! Rocket said and I quote “I was so pissed that I wanted to grab Roy by the adams apple and shake him until his eyes popped out” omg hahahhaa! There was still 75 miles to the next services and only enough gas for 40 miles in his approximation.

Rocket said his aero-dynamic cheese wedge was facing east and his front mud guard was bent but nothing that could not be fixed by a “Dr Marten’s restoration”. All in all….pretty lucky that he isn’t badly hurt and his Vespa is still going!

Rocket said his way of doing laundry was to take a shower wearing his jeans lol…he said he was scrubbing them with soap while he had them on and the water was just BLACK. Then he hangs them to dry.

Rocket was supposed to change his tire before they started the Cannonball, at San Fran, but because he had not slept and practically arrived just in time for the start, it never happened until today. He said the tire went from a 1 inch smooth strip to a 3 inch smooth strip. Not surprisingly, he was amazed that he could take corners again after the new tire went on…omg.

With all of the mishaps up until now, Rocket was pretty frustrated…..losing Roy, losing keys, no GPS etc etc and it was most bothering that Kieren was ahead on the Lambretta. He has offered to kill himself if the Lambretta beats him hahaha. He said the bloody Lambretta was plotting along the gravel road at 15 km an hour like Farmer Joe and going and going like the energizer bunny.

We were laughing out loud that for 2 days the Lambretta was ahead, and Rocket completely changed the tone of his voice and quite seriously said “That isnt funny” which of course made us laugh harder! The energizer bunny was so annoying because Rocket and Roy would get quite a lead, and then stop for a bite….and all of a sudden the energizer bunny would then be seen plotting ahead again… they would get back on the scoots, get another lead, stop to change a cable and again the damn energizer bunny would be heard creeping up aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Everytime the Roys stopped, that energizer bunny would be heard catching up hahahaha. Apparently Kiran kept pressing on not stopping for anything. Rocket was re-named Royleen because the 2 Roys were stuck on the wrong side of Yosemite mountain like little girls while the Lambretta made it HAHAHA!

Roy said the hotel they stayed at on the wrong side of the mountain was very “interesting” and when he got back to his scooter, his peace sign sticker and his weed toking snoopy sticker (which has been on the scoot since Germany) had been peeled off his Vespa and he figures the old Mod guy they met must have done it lmao. (Alison interjecting here – peals of laughter and glee from Delia thanking the hillbilly mod guy for ripping off those stickers – we had just finished a conversation before the Roys rang about the outdated-ness of those stickers and how Roy would never remove them for fear of upsetting the finish or he wont admit how much he liked them) Of course the two Vespismo’s attracted attention, and some girls wanted to sit on their laps for “photo ops” but I figure it was more of a lapdance when I heard Rocket yell “Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!” in the background!

Roy was really surprised how cold it actually gets in the dessert in the morning and wanted me to say THANKS SO MUCH TO JAMES ET AL AT CHISPA – VESPA BELLINGHAM for the foresight to send out hand-warmers that they even shared with Kieren on the Lambretta!

Roys ignition switch had an issue today too and the bike would run on even after turning off the key. He had to stall it everytime he wanted to come to a stop. When they checked into it, a wire had come loose or off and it was a fast fix.

The Roys since they left Vancouver have already put 4000 km on the speedo’s and their butts are hurting……bad

Today the Roys travelled a road actually called the Extraterrestrial Highway that runs by area 51 and there are NO services for 180 miles! Rocket describes it as follows and I quote:

“You could get a girl on the road, you could slowly take off her clothes, and then yours, and then you could have sex on the yellow line of the highway and NO car would come along without you spotting it at least 25 miles away and by the time it reached you, you’d be done anyway – you were like an ant” hahahahaha

Roy is concerned that they may ride into part of Hurricaine Ike in the next days. Rocket says that if it had rained today, the roads would have been creeks and they would have had to close them.

I am not sure how well some of you know Rocket, but he is a picky eater and will only eat food from the Old Country, junk food, plastic cheese and margerine. I opened his cupboards one day while I was at his house, and all I saw was soup, spam, beans in a can and various junk food. His fridge had the largest tub of margerine I have ever seen in my life, milk and some still un-consumed beer we gifted him a while back lol.

The boys have basically been living off Subway and the next time Rocket does the Cannonball, he says he is going to approach Subway and tell them he wants to be their new Jarrod and they should sponsor his Cannonball ride!

We laughed quite a lot as the stories came out via telephone and I was scribbling notes as fast as I could – so hopefully I got most of it.

More as I learn it 🙂

Ps….it is pretty hard for the boys to post from the Cannonball especially with no internet and mostly dead tired, so Roy is going to try to upload his pics to our hosting account and as soon as I see them, I will post them on the blog. I cant wait to see the pic of Rocket that could have cost Roy his life hahaha

Thanks Jules for putting up the Roys….errr at least one Roy

September 12, 2008

For those of you who might not remember Jules….here he is waiting for the Ferry to go to a Victoria Rally with the group. 

Thanks Jules for staying up late waiting for Roy and Roy and putting them up for the night…..even if Rocket didnt make it….still waiting to hear that story!

Just got a call from Roy…

September 12, 2008

Thanks Mopi for spotting this post on Modern Vespa…

“Everyone is safe at the end of day 1. At nightfall Rocket and Roy and John got stuck on the other side of yosemite but they will catch up in the morning. “Of course they will



As I was typing this message on the Blog, I got a fast cell call from Roy.  They both say hello and there is NO time to talk.

Roy said they were talked into not riding over the mountain pass of Yosemite at night time last night, so they didnt.  There was no cell phone reception up there, so hence no call with info.  He said that having done the catch-up ride over the pass this morning, he thinks they could have managed it last night, so they are catching up and will join the rest of the group so tonight they can jump into the hot-tub with the other guys (ewwww! LOL).

Roy said he has too much stuff with him as opposed to the little bag that Rocket packed, but this was not without warning lol.  Roy is going to send some of his stuff back to me so he is carrying less.  The good news is that his reserve is not giving him a problem right now…but no other details on that.  Hopefully the fuel tap that James from Chispa – Vepsa Bellingham sent is not a large item and Roy can carry it with him as a safeguard.  Roy did not have internet last night either, so they were happy to hear they were being sent a spare scooter because you never know when you might need one right? lol.

Roy will be calling tonight with more info because it’s the Cannonball….he had to go!  If he cant post or is dead tired or has no internet, etc I will keep posting what I know…

as always…cant wait to hear!

What I learned today… far

September 11, 2008

Hi Everyone….Delia here

Roy finally got a chance to send me a text and I am quoting him so you all know what I know….and I hope to hear and post more details later tonight when they settle in a hotel

The text says:

Rocket arrived no sleep this morning – has been another crazy day with more mishaps….not sure what else can happen now.  NO stopping really….got to go.

That was it, so at least we now know Rocket made it and I cant wait to hear what the events of the day were and why Rocket got no sleep.  *hoping the reason is because he was getting lucky* – wait…that was supposed to be my inside thought lol.

And more news.  Thanks to the ROCKING people at Chispa – Vespa Bellingham, (thanks so much James), Roy was fedex’ed a fuel tap to his next hotel.  OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!  I am sure that was not cheap, and we all very much appreciate everything you do for us.  James also put a little gift of hand warmers and an extra scooter hahaha.  I am sure the extra scooter because you never know when you will need one is a joke – nice one made me chuckle.

More as I get it….