Just got a call from Roy…

Thanks Mopi for spotting this post on Modern Vespa…

“Everyone is safe at the end of day 1. At nightfall Rocket and Roy and John got stuck on the other side of yosemite but they will catch up in the morning. “Of course they will



As I was typing this message on the Blog, I got a fast cell call from Roy.  They both say hello and there is NO time to talk.

Roy said they were talked into not riding over the mountain pass of Yosemite at night time last night, so they didnt.  There was no cell phone reception up there, so hence no call with info.  He said that having done the catch-up ride over the pass this morning, he thinks they could have managed it last night, so they are catching up and will join the rest of the group so tonight they can jump into the hot-tub with the other guys (ewwww! LOL).

Roy said he has too much stuff with him as opposed to the little bag that Rocket packed, but this was not without warning lol.  Roy is going to send some of his stuff back to me so he is carrying less.  The good news is that his reserve is not giving him a problem right now…but no other details on that.  Hopefully the fuel tap that James from Chispa – Vepsa Bellingham sent is not a large item and Roy can carry it with him as a safeguard.  Roy did not have internet last night either, so they were happy to hear they were being sent a spare scooter because you never know when you might need one right? lol.

Roy will be calling tonight with more info because it’s the Cannonball….he had to go!  If he cant post or is dead tired or has no internet, etc I will keep posting what I know…

as always…cant wait to hear!


3 Responses to “Just got a call from Roy…”

  1. Erin Says:

    Just make sure Roy keeps the Lederhosen with with and doesn’t send them back…there is always room for lederhosen!

  2. Bobo Says:

    Well I had to drop out after the first day but even one day of riding with Rocket – starting with that first cup of coffee at the beach after he rode all night – is what scootering is all about. All the best, guys!

  3. gvvr Says:

    Hi Bobo, too bad you are not with us…was not enough time to get to know you better, but I am sure we will meet and catch up in the future.
    Take care.

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